Undergraduate Research Opportunities

UCSD is the center of an exciting new field of science: computational biology. At the intersection of biochemistry, physics, mathematics, and computing, the field of computational biology uses theoretical and computational models to show how cellular activity emerges from molecular behavior. Research in this field deepens our understanding of biology and is poised to yield dramatic advances in medicine and technology.

The McCammon group invites bright, dedicated undergraduates to join us in shaping this new field. A background that includes multivariate calculus, physical chemistry, and some familiarity with computing is ideal, but all applicants will be considered.

Undergraduate participants may be eligible for an hourly salary and/or academic credit.

Previous undergraduates have become co-authors of journal articles, and have found their work to be very helpful in gaining acceptance at leading graduate and medical schools. Recent examples include:

Work by Erik Hom (subsequently, Ph.D. program in Biophysics, UCSF):

Work by Paul de Bakker (subsequently, Ph.D. program in Biochemistry, Cambridge University):

Work by Kevin Masukawa (subsequently, Ph.D. program in Pharmaceutical Chemistry, UCSF):

Work by Greg Gidofalvi (subsequently, Ph.D. program in Chemistry, University of Chicago):

Work by Christine Gould (subsequently, Ph.D. program in Biomedical Sciences, UCSD):

Work by Chiansan Ma (subsequently, Ph.D. program in Chemistry, M.I.T.):

Work by Angelique Eslami ( subsequently, Ph.D program in Biosciences, University of Iowa):

Work by Peter Sims (subsequently, Ph.D. program in Chemistry, Harvard University):

Work by Man-Un "Peter" Ung (subsequently, Ph.D. program in Medicinal Chemistry, Univ. of Michigan at Ann Arbor):

Work by Lily Cheng (subsequently, in Medical School):

Work by Yang Xie (subsequently, Ph.D. program, Georgia Institute of Technology):

Work by Jeffrey Sung (subsequently, graduate program in chemistry, UCSD)

Work by Michelle Zhou (undergrad, UCSD)



Please submit the information requested below with copy of your transcript to:

Patti Craft
Email:  pcraft@mccammon.ucsd.edu
Fax:  858-534-4974
Hand delivery: 4238 Urey Hall
Campus mail:  M/C 0365

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