McCammon Group Meetings

7130 Urey Hall (CTBP conference room)

Wednesdays @ 11:30 AM – 1:00 PM

May → October 2012

Date Speaker Title
May 2 Elaine Thompson The state of DOT: FFT docking and desolvation
May 9 Patricia Bauler Drug Discovery in Progress: An Update on DHPS and IspG
May 16 Pete Kekenes-Huskey Molecular and subcellular modeling of cardiac Troponin C calcium handling
May 23 Bill Sinko Application and Methods Development in the Simulation of Ligands Binding to Drug Targets
May 30 Leo Boechi Folding landscape theory and models employed to study membrane proteins
June 6 Yi Wang Parameterization and simulation of the fluorescence dye molecule VF2.1.Cl in model membranes
June 13 Steffen Lindert Molecular Dynamics and CADD Studies on ENR
June 20 Pat Blachly Gaining a strucutral understanding of IspH protein function through classical simulations
June 27 Aaron Friedman Dynamics and Drug Discovery of Cathepsins
July 4 - No Group Meeting
July 11 Ania Gorska PNA oligomer as an inhibitor of bacterial translation
July 18 Kate Rogers Novel cruzain inhibitors for the treatment of Chagas' Disease, 'The New HIV/AIDS of the Americas'
July 25 - No Group Meeting
August 1 - No Group Meeting
August 8 Paul Gasper Confine-and-release TI insights into PKG regulatory domain specificity
August 15 Levi Pierce Exploring Conformational Dynamics on Long Timescales: Tips, Tricks, and Tools
August 22 Carlos Hernandez Identifying Key Residues in Chemokine Receptor Dimerization
August 29 Gary Huber TBA
September 5 - No Group Meeting
September 12 Jeff Wereszczynski TBA
September 19 Denis Bucher TBA
September 26 Ferran Feixas-Gerones TBA
October 3 Sara Nichols TBA
October 10 Changsun Eun TBA
October 17 Mehrnoosh Arrar TBA
October 24 Vince Metzger TBA
October 31 Cesar Oliveira TBA

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